You never know what kind of device your customers will use to view your website. Devvela provides responsive web design services to clients in Chicago, US and across the globe to make sure their website visitors are having great experiences no matter the device or screen size they use.

We’ve been developing responsive websites since 2007. Our clients range from small businesses and startups to enterprises and world-famous artists.

Why Responsive Website Design Matters

Increased Content Accessibility

Fluid grids layout makes your website able to adjust to any screen size it might be viewed on. This is how responsive web design allows the content you have created for your website to be available on all devices and browsers. Deliver your unique marketing message clearly to your target audience, whether they prefer desktop or mobile screen of any kind.

Better User Experience

Having to constantly zoom in and out while viewing your website on mobile devices makes your customers very likely to click away to your competitors. This basically means they are having poor user experiences. Well-developed, responsive website design and development can fix that.

Easier Website Management

Even understanding that future belongs to mobile, and that the future is now, some companies have two websites:their main website and a mobile version of it. This means they have to manage both separately, which is obviously inefficient. Responsive design development solves the problem by allowing one website perform equally well on every platform, whether mobile device or desktop.

Improved SEO Rankings

There are several ways how RWD can improve your website’s SEO rankings:

  • Responsive web design is officially Google’s recommended design pattern. Responsive websites will perform better in Google search rankings for better user experience as compared to web pages that are not responsive.
  • When you have a website and its separate mobile version there are two URLs. With RWD, one website is sufficient. Of the two options, the second is preferred by Google.
  • Mobile devices have their own Google search algorithm. This means that high ranking via desktop search doesn’t guarantee top positions in search results for smartphone or tablet users. With responsive website, this isn’t a problem anymore.



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